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Smoking and How To Quit

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Support resources

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Visit women.smokefree.gov

Millions have quit smoking, and so can you. Below are some resources that can help you quit. Some provide free phone counseling, while others enable you to connect online with others who are trying to quit. You can also download guides and other materials to help you quit smoking.

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  • Become an EX — This site is an online support system to help you quit smoking. It includes information on quitting smoking, tips from experts, a community forum where you can talk with others who are quitting smoking, and a place to make your own customized smoking cessation plan.
  • Cancer.gov LiveHelp — The National Cancer Institute’s LiveHelp service offers online assistance with general cancer questions, tobacco cessation questions, and navigating NCI websites.
  • Free Help to Quit Smoking — This website has information to help you quit smoking. There are fact sheets about smoking and your health, news about tobacco risk, and a live chat and hotline service for more information.
  • Freedom From Smoking (Copyright © American Lung Association) — Quitting smoking can evoke many feelings: fear, resentment, relief. But if you stay committed to the program and complete all of the assignments, you have a good chance of remaining smoke-free for good. The online program provides 7 sections that focus on determining readiness, confidence building, understanding your habit, physical and psychological recovery, long-term strategies, fitness, and more.

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Content last updated: July 16, 2012.

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