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Smoking and How To Quit

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"Light" cigarettes

You may think that "light" cigarettes aren't as bad as regular cigarettes. Think again! Light cigarettes put smokers at the same risk for smoking-related health problems as regular cigarettes.

Some cigarette packs say that light cigarettes have lower tar and nicotine. Don't let these claims fool you! Tobacco companies use smoking machines to figure out the amount of tar and nicotine in the cigarettes. These machines "smoke" every brand of cigarettes the same way. However, people don't smoke cigarettes the same way machines do. People who smoke light cigarettes may inhale more deeply, take more puffs, or smoke extra cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine craving. As a result, they may inhale just as much tar, nicotine, and other chemicals as people who smoke regular cigarettes.

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Content last updated: May 19, 2010.

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