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Region VI women's health agenda

To address the women's health concerns of the region, Region VI has established the following women's health directives:

  • To promote a comprehensive women's health agenda in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, that identifies the health needs of girls/women throughout the life-span.
  • To promote women/girls comprehensive health initiatives which promotes healthy living choices.
  • To educate consumers and professionals about the leading causes of diseases/illnesses in Region VI, esp. those conditions affecting women of color. These causes include: cardiovascular disease/stroke; cancer (lung, breast, and colon); diabetes, unintentional injuries, HIV/AIDS, intimate partner violence, and mental health (depression, suicide, substance abuse).
  • To outreach to special populations, i.e., women in prison/jail, homeless, and immigrant women.
  • To raise awareness of women's health issues, provide web-based resources, services, and information of health events held in the 5 state area.

Content last updated: November 01, 2005.

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